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The History of Tuku'ut Lodge


Two strong attemps at forming a Council honor and service society in Los Angeles were forerunners of Tuku'ut Lodge. The earliest was Polaris Lodge, a self-sustaining membership organization, which operated widely during the mid - 1930's. A second organization was an "Order of the Arrow" which functioned in Centinela Valley District in 1936-1937.


The Tuku'ut Lodge came about because of a need to realize in mid-1943 after many Los Angeles units had members into the Order of the Arrow by Tamet Lodge at Crescent Bay Council's Camp Josepho. In September a movement began to form a lodge which was the first realized when Centinela Valley District with the Help of Tamet Lodge held an Ordeal and formed Mishe Mokwa Chapter in October of 1943. In February 1944 Reo Hondo District conducted their first Ordeal at Camp Rio Hondo and Formed Wiyot Chapter.

Meanwhile, in December 1943 the Council made application for a charter from the National Lodge. THe charter was granted in April 1944 as Lodge No. 252. In the same month the first Lodge meeting was Held. The name Tuku'ut, meaning Big Pine, was adopted from the anem of the Council's summer camp. Lee Mosher of Mishe Mokwa Chapter was elected the first Lodge Chief.

The following May, Wiyot Chapter held a call out and Ordeal for George Washington and San Antionio Districts. These Districts formed Wakanda and Hukna Chapters respectively. July 1944 was the beginning of the development of a Lodge organization under a standard set of rules. The first set was adopted in September 1945. By January 1946 Shoshone (Hollywood Wilshire); Me'He (Northeastern); Aztec (Eastern); Wichappi (Midland); Gabrielino (Harbor); Ota-Ka-Yai (Foothill); Cheyanne (Mt. Vernon); Tsungani (Southwest); and Wyandot (South Bay) had been added to the Lodge

Annual Lodge Dinner

The first Annual Lodge Dinner was held at Camp Arthur Letts in Decemver 1947. The second dinner was held following the first Annual Pow Wow in Decemver 1948, also held at Arthur Letts. This plan was continued until 1950 when the dinner and Pow Wow were held at different times. The only other time this was attempted was at the Pow Wow at Camp Arthur Letts in December 1954.

National Conference

In August 1947 Tuku'ut Lodge was represented for the first time at a National Conference. THis conference held at the University of Indiana was attended by Floyd Nicholson (Chief at the Time), Clark Cross (first Lay Advisor), George Unger (first Professional Adviser) and tow others. Tuku'ut Lodge has been represented at all National Conferences since.

Lodge Executive Committee

1954 found a major change take place in Tuku'ut Lodge. Prior to this time 15 chapters had operated with a minimum of Lodge direction. In this year two major changes took place. First the Council reorganization reduced the number of districts to 13 functioning chapters. Second the Lodge Executive Committee took the position of authority delegated to it for the first time. The trend started at that time has continued until each chapter functioned as a unit under the rules and coordination of the Lodge.

Area Conference

On March 26-29 1945 at Camp Drake, Tuku'ut Lodge attend its first Area U Conference. Starting 1947 the Area was renamed Area 12-A. From 1955 till 1972 Tuku'ut was apart of Area 12-E. In April 1957 Tuku'ut Lodge was host to a very successful Area 12-E Conference at Firestone Scout Reservation. In 1973 the Twelve Regions were consolidated into Six and the Regions were diveded into Sections. Tuku'ut Lodge was apart of Section W4A and host in 1981, 1990, 1997, 2004(FSSR), 2008(FLSR) (Last). In 2008 another re-alignment changed the Section to W4N and Tuku'ut will be Service Lodge in 2014.

That same spring and summer, Tuku'ut Lodge activity involved the construction of the Monument which stands on the top of Mt. Baden-Powell. At the time Tuku'ut had over 3000 members and created a strong Officer Training program.

Names of the Chapters Used by The Lodge

      CHAPTER - District
      Apache - Sierra Trails
      Arapahoe - Northwestern
      Aztec - Eastern
      Black Foot - El Rio
      Cheyanne - Mt. Vernon
      Chiricahua - ?
      Gabrielino - Harbor
      Hukna - San Antonio
      Kiowa - ?
      Kitanemuk - ?
      Kodayapi - Thunderbird
      Makhiawip - Pueblo
      Me' He - Northeastern
      Mescalero - Adventure
      Mishe Mokwa - Centinela
      Moqui - ?
      Ota Ka Yai - Foothill
      Sehut - Downey
      Serrano - San Antonio
      Shoshone - Hollywood Wilshire
      Sioux - Green Meadows
      Tsungani - South Bay
      Wakanda - George Washington
      Wappo - Frontier
      Wichappi - Midland
      Wiyot - Rio Hondo, Pioneer
      Wyandot - South Bay
        Current Chapters - Districts
        Lakota - Pacifica 1*
        Apache - North Star 2*
        Hopi - Thunderbird 3*
        Wappo - Frontier 4*
        Wiyot - Rio Hondo 4*

        1* Replaced Wyandot, Gabrielino & Mescalero in 1994.
        2* Changed name from Pawnee
             which replaced Shoshone, Wichappi & Sioux
        3* Changed name from Quenishqueney
             which replaced Mishe Mowka, Wichappi & Sioux
        4* Absorbed Serrano in 2009

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